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Kiwi store

En nuestra empresa, creemos en la importancia de brindar sorpresas únicas y personalizadas a nuestros seres queridos. Ofrecemos una amplia variedad de productos personalizados y una suscripción con acceso a diseños exclusivos y contenido digital exclusivo. Creemos en brindar sorpresas constantes y estamos comprometidos a ayudar a nuestros clientes a celebrar y expresar su amor de manera especial.



Edu Santome

My mission is to provide customers with high quality custom products that reflect their style. My vision is to be a leader in the personalized products market, offering a wide range of options and exceptional service.

Stephanie Montalvan

PRoduct manager

Talented product designer working at KIWI, offers high quality custom designs. Stephanie is known for her ability to create unique and engaging user experiences, combining functionality with compelling design.


Shantal Santome

As a graphic designer, my goal is to help people express their feelings through personalized gifts. I strive to combine my design skills with a focus on my clients’ needs and desires to create unique and meaningful products.